Gemstone Guide

Finding the ideal gemstone is arguably the most important aspect of purchasing an engagement ring. Gemstones can come in a variety of colors, structures, costs, and levels of care. Since it is important to consider all factors when purchasing a gemstone, Caesar’s Designs has compiled a comprehensive buying guide to assist with your pursuit of the perfect ring.

Caesar’s gemstone guide is the most extensive manual to help you make your ideal gemstone decision. Each gemstone page details the properties of the stone, chemical and physical characteristics, historical significance, and factors to consider when using in engagement rings. Based on the type of stone, this guide also discusses the differences between natural, synthetic, and treated gemstones. Combined, these factors will guide you towards your ideal engagement ring decision.

The traditional gemstone of choice is the diamond, but there are many stones to choose from to match your budget and style. Other popular choices for gemstones are sapphiremorganiteopal, emerald, pearl, aquamarine, ruby, amethyst, moonstone, tanzanite, alexandrite, and turquoise.